Business Buddy scheme matches MPs with entrepreneurs

You got it: Oliver Letwin is going to be working at a pie shop in his West Dorset constituency.

The Forum of Private Business is inviting every MP, MSP and AM in Britain to take part in the Business Buddy scheme, which will allow the elected representatives to experience first-hand the problems facing smaller businesses in their constituencies by rolling up their sleeves and mucking in with whatever tasks are necessary. 

Almost 100 MPs have signed up to the scheme so far. 

It is hoped that the MPs who take part in Business Buddy will stay in touch with business owners long after the visits have taken place, so business owners have a “hotline” straight into Whitehall. 

While Letwin is serving pies, Tourism Minister John Penrose will be working for a travel firm in his Weston-super-Mare constituency. 

Chuka Unumma, the Shadow Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, will also be taking part.

This is a great scheme and it gets our backing!

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