Business Exchange to open up opportunities to small firms

The Business Exchange is a website that will allow small businesses to see opportunities to work with the biggest names in UK PLC. The platform, built in collaboration with small business network Enterprise Nation, has already received pledges from top firms like Facebook, Balfour Beatty, BT, and Sainsbury?s. 

Small firms will be able to follow up on these opportunities quickly and easily.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “As part of our long term economic plan, we will keep doing everything we can to make Britain the best place to start, grow and do business. This is a Government on the side of business and enterprise which is backing our record number of start-ups and small businesses so that they can grow and create more jobs for hard-working people. The Business Exchange will strengthen the links between businesses big and small, opening up fresh opportunities and the exchange of new ideas, and helping us compete in the global race.”

Offers will include pledges to pay start-ups and micro-businesses promptly, offers to open up supply chain and procurement opportunities to the wider SME community, instigating small business supplier targets, as well a commitment to seek out and use British-made products and services.

The Exchange will focus on and deliver pledges within five main categories which reflect themes small businesses have told the Government they would like help with: 

  • Markets (opening up procurement and help with exporting);
  • Ideas (fostering innovation opportunities);
  • Support (sharing resources);
  • Finance (supply chain finance opportunities and prompt payment); and
  • People (skills and overtraining).
The platform is going live with more than 20 pledges from Britain?s biggest businesses in all sectors including manufacturing, technology, retail and banking.

Emma Jones founder of Enterprise Nation explains that ?the British entrepreneurial community is growing year-on-year. This new breed of start-up and micro business needs to see more chances ahead of them on which to build a sustainable business for the long-term. Big businesses need to wake up to the opportunities that fostering a more entrepreneurial approach can bring, not just for small businesses, but for their own future success.?

The Exchange will be updated with new opportunities as they come in.

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