Business gives verdict on Boris’s first year as London mayor

That’s according what London business leaders polled for the anniversary of Johnson’s election by the CBI and KPMG for their London Business Survey.

Asked to name Johnson’s top three areas of achievement, respondents picked improvements to London’s reputation, before citing transport in second place, followed by crime.

However, business leaders in the capital are less impressed by the mayor’s work in improving London’s quality of life, skills pool, and housing.

CBI London director Nigel Bourne says: “This was always going to be a testing year for Boris Johnson because of the weak economy but, by and large, London businesses think he has done quite a good job. His work to promote London, combined with a mix of other policies, has helped protect London’s reputation as a global centre of business.

“However, we would like to see him bring a greater strategic vision to the critical years ahead as London climbs out of recession and gets ready for the Olympics.

“The Mayor’s work on transport and crime has been given the thumbs-up by many businesses, but he must show leadership by securing adequate funding to complete the Tube investment programme."

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