Business Growth Plan: Prepare for the cloud

The cloud revolution is still in its infancy, but all the major players are already hard at work to get ahead.?

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple ? they’re all already working in the cloud and developing products.?

Dan Cobley, marketing director at Google, explains:??In the future, all of your devices will exist in the cloud.?If you lose your notebook computer, you?ll just be able to pick up a new one and start where you left off, instantly.??

With the cloud computing market still in its infancy, opportunities for fast-growing businesses are vast.?IDC predicts that spending on public IT cloud services will hit ?46bn in 2015 (up from ?13.4bn in 2010).

The opportunities are two-fold: (1) for you to develop products for the cloud; and (2) to move your business processes into the cloud.

What are you waiting for?

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