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Business Growth Plan: Respect your partners

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Over a three-week period, we are publishing daily tips from Britain’s fastest-growing companies on how to grow your business.

As we’ve written before, you should consider a partnership in order to grow your business. Today’s tip is the key to making that partnership successful: you need to respect your partners.

Dame Mary Perkins, founder of Specsavers, explains:

“We ask all of our partners to sign up to a ‘Partnership Charter’, where they commit to open, honest, two-way communication. We don’t want any foot-stamping, it’s about treating each other with respect.”

The Charter outlines rules to prevent any tension and disagreements. “And it’s important for me, too. I’ve been known to lose my rag!” 

Creating a feeling of mutual respect between your business and your partner will ensure you both act productively, share information, and work towards a common goal: business growth.

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