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Business Growth Plan: Test, test, test – then think big

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Over a three-week period, we are publishing daily tips from Britain’s fastest-growing companies on how to grow your business.

The last tip from the Real Business Business Growth Plan is to test, test, test – then think big. This will ensure your business plan succeeds.

Richard Harpin, founder and CEO of home emergency and repairs business Homeserve, explains.

“You must test, test, and test again,” he says. “Only once you’ve really made a product or service work should you begin to think big. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket until you’re 100 per cent convinced.” 

When testing, try and think about your idea from as many different perspectives as possible. How will your staff, customers, suppliers, buyers, competitors react to the product or service?

Harpin said not to fret about the competition, however. “If you’ve tested your products correctly, you’re sure to stay ahead. Just make sure you remain close to your customers.” 

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