Everline Future 50: Paddle

Paddle makes e-commerce payments quicker and easier for consumers, while also improving security.

By storing customer payment and delivery details securely in an app and making them available for e-commerce purchases, customers no longer need to complete long, complex forms when shopping online. Hoorah! As a result, sales conversions can increase significantly.

For a long time, PayPal was the main driver in simplifying online payments. However, says Paddle founder and former Grapple Mobile CTO Ed Lea, “their payment flow stagnated and fees increased, making it less and less appealing for both consumers and merchants.”

Paddle integrates with traditional credit card processing, meaning minimal impact for merchants.

Online payments is a huge market, with many new players competing for retailer and consumer acceptance. Paddle, though, looks like a goer. Lea: “Paddle is well positioned to take our current technology, as well as products currently in development, and disrupt ecommerce payments.”

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