Business naming rules to be relaxed

The Government has announced it is relaxing the rules on the names that businesses can choose

Firms using words like “Authority”, “Group”, “Board,”, “National”, “European” or “International” in their name will no longer have to gain approval from Companies House.  

Currently businesses choosing a name which features one of more than 150 listed names must ask for permission to be included, but 25 will be removed from the list next year following a recently concluded government consultation. 

Sensitive words remaining on the list include “bank”, “stock exchange”, “accredited and “government”.

Business Minister Jo Swinson said: “Making life easier for startup businesses will help to create a stronger economy. Rules on certain types of words shouldn?t be an additional hurdle, so reducing the list of company names needing approval makes sense.

“However, we also need to make sure that businesses can?t pass themselves off as something they?re not. We have struck a balance which reduces the regulations on new businesses, but that also keeps historic and sensitive names rightfully on the list.”

According to tradition, companies wishing to use the name “Sheffield” will need to be approved by Companies House in conjunction with the Hallamshire Cutlers. 

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