Business owner thinks Tour de France gridlock is ‘superb’

This year the Tour de France went around the counties of England, creating gridlocked streets. Daniel Beadle’s Kitchen Warehouse Ltd was a victim: it had to close for a day.

On Saturday Beadle closed his kitchen showroom in Ripon, Harrogate, knowing that people would have no time to shop given the thousands of bikes parading through his community.

You’d think Beadle would see this as a missed opportunity: but instead he’s overjoyed that Ripon was featured in the Tour. He says: “To be honest, I think it is superb that the roads I travel down on a daily basis will be on millions of televisions? across the world.”

He adds: “It has really put Harrogate on the map for the beautiful town it is, which I?m sure will be a good thing for many years to come. […] I feel it is a brilliant thing and we as a community have been very lucky to have the biggest cycling event in the world in our back garden.”

The moral of the story? Sometimes, community comes before business.

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