Business owners are the happiest workers

The UK’s business owners are the happiest members of its workforce, according to a new report which shows Britain’s workers are happier than many of their European counterparts.

The Regus Work:Life Balance Index shows a global decline in worker happiness over the last year, but the UK is one of the few countries which has bucked that trend.

The UK achieved an average score of 109 on the index, compared to 100 for France and 101 for Germany.

Despite this resilience the UK is still below the global average, with workers in up-and-coming economies like China, India and Mexico responding most positively to the poll. 

The research also revealed an age gap. Those born after 1964 are one third more content with their work, and also think they are more successful in what they have achieved.

John Spencer, UK CEO of workspace provider Regus says: ?Employers must recognise the importance of work-life balance not only for their own health and that of their staff but for the company as a whole. 

?Happy workers are both more productive and less likely to leave. As the jobs market improves, companies that actively promote work life balance will be more successful in retaining their talent.?

Stuart McGivern, co-owner of Gateshead-based Key Performance Innovations Ltd, has been working for himself since January 2012. 

He says: ?Whether you enjoy your work or not affects your whole life. I work more hours than when I was an employee but I enjoy it more. I have the freedom to choose what projects I take on and I appreciate the variety this gives me.?

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