Business owners opt for “work-cations”

Now the Bank Holiday weekend is over, that pretty much indicates the end of summer.? I do wonder though how many business owners actually got much of a real holiday this year.?

With the threat of a double-dip recession to global stock-exchange crashes, entrepreneurs have lost more sleep than time off work.?

According to a recent survey by Intuit, small-business owners were unable to leave work behind when they had some time off.??

The survey said that nearly three-quarters of bosses work while they are away with a number of those questioned spending as much time working on holiday as they do relaxing.?

This doesn?t surprise me at all. In fact, although I was not questioned for this survey, I am definitely one of them.??

Even though I tried to grab a couple of weeks at my villa in Spain this summer, I have been on the phone to my team in South London as much as I?ve been swimming in my pool. I even flew back for a day to catch up my managers in person.?

Apparently this is now called “work-cations” to make sure bosses can still have a holiday, but keep a watch on what is happening in their business at the same time.???

The mobile phone, especially a smart-phone, is the weapon of choice for most business owners, essentially putting the developments of their business in the palm of their hand wherever they are in the world.?

I have a group of people I trust to run Pimlico Plumbers, but I don?t think any business owner can afford to take his or her eye totally off the ball, especially at the moment when trading conditions and business challenges can change in a second.?

I would hope though that the UK?s small-business owners have taken some time to recharge their batteries over the summer.??As we enter the critical fourth quarter of 2011, we all have to be fighting fit to face the challenges ahead. I hope that my fellow entrepreneurs out there are rested enough to lead their businesses into one of the toughest trading environments in recent memory and make sure that small and medium-sized enterprises play their part in the long and arduous recovery ahead.

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