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Business personality quiz: Learn to adapt your business personality

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Here’s a new business personality quiz from Hiscox to see how employees can adapt their business personality for the better

How would your friends and colleagues describe your attitude to work

  • Driven, sometimes over-the-top;
  • More like creative play than work;
  • Slightly less important than the people involved; or
  • Also your hobby.

The first option is the trait of the Go-Getter. These are single-minded individuals who focus on their objectives, and will do whatever it takes to achieve them. But while they get results and take the initiative, being too over the top in their approach to work could have some downsides.

Go-Getters should perhaps take the time to communicate more with colleagues, place trust in others to handle jobs, and also take a step back now and again in order to think things over. 

How do you feel about email

  • A useful tool to get information across quickly;
  • An excellent way to expand ideas and to get them to many people at once;
  • A necessary evil – you prefer face-to-face communication; or
  • An ideal way to deal with people and projects without the face-to-face.

The last option is the sign of a Thinker. Such people have sharp, analytical minds, and are great when it comes to problem solving. However, they tend to prefer privacy when working and can be overly cautious in their decision making. Thinkers should therefore try to integrate more with their colleagues, both inside and outside the workplace, plus be more vocal when getting their opinion across. 

If there were objects around your workspace to inspire you, what would they be

  • Reminders of past, successful projects or campaigns;
  • Inspirational photos, such as space-flights, mountain-climbers or tropical islands;
  • Green plants and photos of family, partner, friends or pets; or
  • Something quirky or rare, such as miniature train models or antique matchboxes.

The first option is the mark of a Visionary. These individuals are great lateral thinkers, allowing them to see new angle on old ideas. But they can sometimes change their mind when it comes to the big decisions while often being slow to initiative. Visionaries should try to be more confident in the workplace, looking back on their past successes to prove to themselves that they can do it.

Not sure what your business personality is Take the quiz and find out! 

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