Business success: Strange tactics that will get you to the top

Millions have tried to pinpoint exactly what led them to the top and came up with generic answers such as having a balanced diet and being ambitious, but the secret ingredient may be a little more unique than that.

A recent article on parody news site The Daily Mash claimed to reveal one unusual tactic: Folding your arms.?

It quotes a “limo rental millionaire” who said: ?No matter how much money I made, nobody seemed to respect me. Then, one day, I caught myself in the mirror and saw my arms dangling uselessly at my sides like the trailing fronds of a jellyfish. Slowly, I picked up my right arm and placed it over my left and a glow of cocksure self-satisfaction suffused through me.”?

“No longer did I look lost or confused. My facial expression said ?Look at me, I could buy and sell your bottom-feeding life on a whim. And you know why? Because, unlike you, I know what to do with my arms.’?

That’s right, it’s all in the arms! Something as simple as crossing your arms could be the missing factor of your business success equation.

But there are plenty of examples from the real world where?strange tactics and habits have often?been deemed the crucial factor in success.?

Take Yoshiro Nakamatsu, for example, one of Japan’s greatest inventors. He racked up a whopping 3,300 patents and created the karaoke machine, sauce pump, taxicab meter and the digital watch.

In broader terms, inspiration and creativity led him to develop so many objects used today. More specifically, it’s because he holds his head underwater until he almost drowns. He once explained that pushing his brain and body to the limit fed his inventiveness. ?To starve the brain of oxygen, you must dive deep and allow the water pressure to deprive the brain of blood. Zero-point-five seconds before death, I visualise an invention.?

All of this done in a swimming pool.

Thomas Edison, however, believed that success lay in the team that worked along side you, and to pick the perfect team, you had to put them through a rigorous recruitment process.

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