Businesses awarded ?4m to innovate offshore wind industry

Offshore wind could bring the economy many benefits, including a reduced dependence on imports and an enhanced energy security, said the minister.

The grants have been awarded as part of the department’s innovation competition to support development into offshore wind power and innovation.

The winning projects, 2-B Energy, High Voltage Partial Discharge Ltd, SgurrControl Ltd and Ocean Resource Ltd will use the funding to significantly reduce the cost of offshore wind by as much as 35 per cent.

Barker said: ?The UK is already the world leader in offshore wind – with more deployed than any other country.

?The benefits that offshore wind can bring are clear ? from enhancing our energy security, reducing our dependence on imports and helping reduce our carbon emissions.

?Innovation is critical to cutting the cost of this low-carbon power source, which could in turn lead to lower bills for hardworking consumers.?

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