Businesses fail to personalise content, claim 52% consumers

Worryingly, consumers are quick to disengage when it comes to online businesses, according to Emarsys research.

In fact, a third go on to unsubscribe businesses from mailing lists, delete future communications and/or refuse to buy from the company again. 

The study reveals that meaningful, targeted communications still evade many brands.

A collection of personal data does not always translate into accurate, targeted communications, with more than half of those surveyed claiming they had been hit with clearly irrelevant offers. 

OrderDynamics research, found that a shocking 74 per cent of businesses miss out on sales by promoting irrelevant items to online shoppers.

Worse still, 34 per cent complained companies had spelt their name incorrectly in emails and had not known whether they were male or female.

The study reveals irrelevant content is increasingly unnecessary as consumers are more willing to share personal data. Younger online shoppers in particular understand they must share personal details if they are to receive relevant information and recommendations. 

But businesses need to understand that older consumers still struggle to accept this (39 per cent of those aged 55 and over). 

?Consumer attitudes towards personal data gathering and use are increasingly positive, while tolerance of, and reaction to, poorly targeted and inaccurate marketing is a real pain point,? said Ohad Hecht, COO of Emarsys.

?The worst case scenario for a brand is to have a loyal customer disengage. Our findings demonstrate just such a response to inaccurate communications with a refusal to purchase from the company again. It?s clear consumers value brands that understand them and there is a clear need to make better use of data customers share to provide targeted offers and ideas that are truly relevant. The business benefits of this are tangible, helping build trust and keeping customers coming back.?

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