Businesses look at remote working in wake of swine flu

The World Health Organisation has raised its flu pandemic threat level to five – the second most-serious level.

Martino Corbelli is the marketing director of Star, a business internet service provider specialising in the SME market.

Corbelli says there have been a number of wake-up calls recently prompting businesses to look at their remote-working capabilities.

“We don’t have to look too far back to see the effects that lack of preparation can have on business, think back to the snow fall in early February, when the country seemingly ground to a halt,” Corbelli says.

“This time, with widespread media coverage warning of the potential dangers, we’re already seeing a rising need for secure, remote-working capabilities that can be provisioned at the flick of a switch such as SSL VPN. This comes at a time just after the recent introduction of new legislation regarding flexible working, which interestingly is a key to business continuity when disasters hit. We’re likely to see a continued rise in demand for services such as these to ensure that organisations can continue to cover critical business operations.”  

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