Businesses must tackle sticky issues of skills gaps when making hiring decisions

Resourcing issues are high on business agendas as 2016 signals continued growth and economic buoyancy. The latest report from the Recruitment and Employment Federation (REC) shows 97 per cent of respondents felt the outlook provided static or improved confidence levels on which to make hiring and investment decisions.

Bosses are looking to grow their teams, with 83 per cent of employers planning to increase permanent headcount levels in Q1 2016, according to the report.

Another interesting facet of the shifting employment landscape is the sticky issue of skills gaps, which threatens to challenge businesses, unless employers think laterally. 

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There is an upturn in businesses seeking strategic skills available via interim managers and contract workers who have the agility and expertise to make an impact in a short period of time, and whose contribution at a senior level makes commercial sense from a resourcing point of view.

The REC report claimed 94 per cent of employers are operating with no spare workforce capacity, which is an unequivocal signal to add resources in order to meet growing demands. 

While this opens up opportunities in the marketplace, prompt access to high calibre talent is mandatory and clients must work closely with their recruitment agencies to map out business growth, recognise talent gaps and develop a dynamic and agile resourcing model to reflect this, as opposed to sporadic knee-jerk reactions that can sometimes cost dearly in the long-term.

With the skills gap in mind, two government departments united to analyse the depth and breadth of the supply and demand issue surrounding digital skills in the UK. As such, we dissected the extensive report to reveal what smashing the bottleneck can do for the country’s economic potential.

Wayne Brophy is managing director of specialist recruitment company Cast UK.

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