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Why Businesses Need To Partner With Local Education Providers To Develop Relationships For Future Top Talent Recruitment

Adam Herbert CEO Go Live Data

Recruitment and retention are two of the most important things your business needs to master in order to grow. But, as we all know, finding top talent, especially for emerging new roles, is difficult and often costly. 

In this article, Adam Herbert, Co-Founder and CEO of Go Live Data will look at how working with local education providers can be the key to finding and recruiting top talent even before they’ve entered the hiring pool.

Be clear about what skills your business needs 

In order to look proactively at your hiring strategy and get ahead of the curve, you need to know what skills you’re going to need and when. Are these transferable skills, can they be taught by existing team members, or do they need a certain qualification or level of experience to deliver them? By identifying which skills and level of knowledge you need, you can then look at what educational path those people may have taken and identify which courses they may have chosen.

Build relationships 

Once you know that your next new hire needs to have certain skills or background qualifications, start reaching out to your local education providers to see if it’s possible for them to send students for work placement at your company. By getting ahead of the crowd, you’ll be able to cherry-pick the very best students who could be a perfect fit for your company. By offering work experience placement, you can get a real feel for whether they would be a good future fit and speak to them directly about a possible career path within the company.

By having this in-between stage in place, you can also ensure that if students are considering an apprenticeship route, you’ll be front of mind. Apprenticeship places are competitive, as are the students that undertake them, especially in the ongoing skills shortage.  By showcasing what you have to offer through workplace placement, your potential next hire will have real-time experience to draw from.

Make your business appealing

Looking at the ongoing skills shortage affecting many businesses from tech through to construction and mechanics, making your business appealing to future students is essential. Inviting them along for open days, hosting work placements, visiting education providers and speaking about what your business offers all help to build an open bridge between you and future hires. Gen Z and the future Gen Alpha are demanding more than just a solid starting salary. They prioritise work-life balance, flexible hours and a supportive environment. Mental health and support are key, as is an adaptive and inclusive working environment.

By making your business appealing, you’ll have the upper hand over other businesses in your area which simply advertise their roles on job boards. Going the extra mile to find and attract your future talent will go a long way in the new, more particular eyes of future recruits.

Look into apprenticeships 

Apprenticeships are a great way to work with students to establish a great working relationship while effectively outsourcing the training part of the role to the education provider. Having both the common-sense approach to a role that comes from being ‘in’ it and then the academic knowledge gained from training ensures when qualified, your new hire can hit the ground running. They already know the ins and outs of the company, they’ve formed relationships with colleagues and clients and your onboarding has already been completed.

You’ll also be compensated by the education provider or the government for taking on an apprentice rather than having to pay for an expensive recruitment agency or advertisement.

Apprenticeships now cover most sectors, the days of them just being for trade are firmly over. And, they’re not just for school or college leavers. Many businesses are now also providing degree apprenticeships, ensuring they get the very best graduates from some of the most challenging sectors. Large motor brands have opened a host of opportunities as have the major banks. By getting ahead of the curve and looking at new ways of hiring the right talent through apprenticeships, you can ensure you have the skills to futureproof your business.


With the continuing cost of living crisis, businesses must also be mindful that the traditional path of university may not be open to as many students as before. Getting and retaining talent early, training them within your organisation and offering apprenticeships at any level offers a smart and considered opportunity for top potential talent in all sectors.

Adam Herbert is the CEO and Co-Founder of Go Live Data.

About Adam Herbert, Co-Founder & CEO, Go Live Data

With over two decades experience of working in the data and marketing industry with a particular focus on email marketing, Go Live Data’s CEO, Adam Herbert, has spanned a career of working and supporting several market leaders. Across this time, Adam has helped leaders and their organisations with market sizing, supporting their growth through data driven strategies and helping businesses move from traditional marketing methods into the digital arena which continues to evolve at a rapid rate.

He now runs his own businesses to really drive change in what is seen as a stagnated industry. With a particular focus and track record in business strategy, operations, product marketing and sales, Adam’s professional career has always been focused on helping customers drive revenue via strategic data lead strategies and has guided some of the world’s largest businesses through GDPR to help update and maintain a compliant database as well as understand what good looks like in terms of outreach to new prospects for his clients.

Adam enjoys reading and photography in his spare time and is based in Altrincham.

About Go Live Data

Go Live Data is the UK’s premier data and engagement business, helping companies manage their outbound engagement and internal data assets using their unique 1.6M corporate data universe.

Go Live Data is a disruptor in the data landscape and on a mission to build the best corporate service in the UK with a focus on clean, compliant, reliable data, exceptional customer service, and allowing their customers to access the information that will help them realise their vision for success. To date they have built a database of 1.6 million limited and PLC organisations’ data – making it the most comprehensive one in the UK market.

Having always been led by data, they innovated their own email-delivery platform, QR code technology for direct mail, and a new way of providing data for telemarketing. Supported by their industry-leading database, Go Live Data have helped many customers improve their client acquisition and retention through their one-of-a-kind data and technology. Whilst ensuring all of their data is used in an ethical and responsible manner, they stand out as a voice for improvement in the wider data industry.

Go Live Data also provide a human-led approach to establish a better-class data set and premium experience for their customers by refreshing their data every 30 days which is unprecedented in the data industry. They pride themselves on not just being a supplier, but a partner to their customers by taking a more consultative approach that ensures that, with their support, they can continue hitting their outreach goals and targets for years to come.



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