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Businesses struggling to hire as candidate numbers fall

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Bernard Brown, partner and head of business services at KPMG, said: “Trying to fill vacancies in the current climate must feel like wandering through a hall of mirrors for the UK’s employers.

“No sooner are they in a position to reflect the improving economy by creating roles and offering tempting salaries, than the search for talent seems to reach a dead end, with candidates either preferring to hide in the shadows or failing to offer the appropriate skills.”

The report also found that overall salaries are growing as a result. Demand for staff and successful placements both increased during May.

REC CEO Kevin Green said: “The UK’s jobs boom continues with vacancies increasing as employers look for new workers to meet increasing demand and to replace staff that have been snapped up by competitors.

“The creation of these jobs, combined with the return of job fluidity, is creating a dynamic labour market. However the big issue remains that employers are finding it hard to find the talent and skills they need, yet ONS figures show that we still have 2.2 million unemployed people in the UK.”

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