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Is your new year’s resolution to become a business investor” If so, why” Are you looking to become the next great angel investor” Or are you simply looking to get the best ROIs where you can?

Whatever your reasons for investing in a business (or businesses) this year, look no further because has compiled a hotlist of the sectors that are set to rise this coming decade.

1. Non-alcoholic fun

2020 business
Tee-totally fine: more people are looking for other ways to socialise without alcohol.

The 2000s gave us ‘sober October’ and ‘dry January’, forcing a nation of wine glugging and beer chugging Brits to put down their glasses and venture into unknown territory namely involving one’s self in social interactions that don’t end in a hangover.

Despite more and more people welcoming the teetotal lifestyle, activities for those who wish to avoid a pounding headache the day after are quite sparse. “Cocktails bars” such as Redemption in London are one of the only alcohol-free pubs in the area.

Fast-paced work-life culture is not set to slow down in this new decade, but people are searching for new ways to unwind that do not revolve around damaging your liver – and more often than not, your dignity too!

2. Urban farming

Something cropped up: the desire for fresh produce has opened a market for farming urban land.

This year going green is not just a fad reserved for your “eco-warrior” peers, but an essential requirement for everyone on the planet. Consumers are now prioritising buying?pure produce above processed.

Urban farming is an up and coming trend. It’s?estimated?that 47% of land in London is vegetated green land. However, not all of it is utilised for creating crops for consumption. Business such as Growing Undergroundin Clapham using hydroponic systems and LED technology, this team is able to produce leafy greens £33 metres below the busy streets of Clapham.

This is a trend that is only set to rise in 2020. So why don’t you get your gloves on and give it a try?

3. Premium pet food

Business 2020
Man’s best friend: consumers are willing to splurge on gourmet food for their pooch.

50% of UK households own a pet, with many people viewing their furry companion as a child as opposed to anything else. So it won’t come as a surprise when I tell you that UK pet owners spend 57 billion?pounds on their pets each year.

Keen to capitalise on the nation’s love of spoiling their pooch” Then investing in some premium pet food may be the 2020 business venture for you.

Brands such as?Lily’s Kitchen?retail their pedigree food at £46.00 (a significant mark up from your standard supermarket brand). The pet market in the UK is set to hit??7billion by 2021.

4. The CBD sector

Business 2020 width=

Today you no longer need to engage in dodgy dealings to access the benefits of Cannabidiol, (the pharmaceutical term for cannabis!)

CBD is a rapidly growing market and is not just reserved for those who wish to open their third eye or send themselves into a vegetative state while watching cartoons on the sofa. There is a thriving market in the UK that is offering everything from oils to bath bombs. By 2025, it is estimated that the industry will be worth £1 billion pounds.

5. Podcasting

Business 2020
Tell me more: 7.1million Brits listen to podcasts

Do you have a niche topic of interest that you love to ramble on about to anyone who will listen” Then maybe you should start a podcast!.

2019 was the break out year of podcasting. With true crime podcasting taking triumph above any other genre. Many of the top podcasters make their income from brand sponsorships, so perhaps if you are an entrepreneur looking for the best way to promote your product, an advertisement feature on one of the UK’s top podcast may be the best way to go?

6. Smart tech for the elderly

Business 2020
New era: elderly people are turning to tech to help them cope with ageing struggles.

The UK“has an ageing?population. There are nearly 12 million people aged 65 and above in the UK. And thanks to improvements in healthcare, this is a statistic that’s set to increase.

Devices such as?Smart Door Lock can ensure your elderly loved one is secure in their home at night, by controlling their lock via a smartphone. In addition, there are many?benefits of utilising tech if you are an elderly person suffering from Alzheimer’s, for example, many apps can help the sufferer locate household items or remind them of the date of crucial events.

7. Modest fashion

Business 2020
Front cover (up): modest fashion has become a movement and a big business.

You do not have to be tied to a religious group, in order to wish to dress in a conservative manner. With the rise of modest fashion week in Dubai over the past two years, there is a growing commercial market for women who simply wish to show less skin.

Long sleeves and flared jeans are no longer a faux pas, leaving an open market for anyone who wishes to provide some new trends in the modest fashion scene. Globally sales in modest fashion are expected to reach £361?billion?by 2023.

Other ones to watch…

8. Eco beauty

Business 2020
As of 2019, there were ?86.5m in sales of certified organic and natural beauty products.

9. Craft teaching

Business 2020
Something that lasts forever: Gen Zs desire to reconnect with the manual world has seen a surge in craft making.

10. Rum

Forget craft beer: 2020 predicts a rum renaissance.

11. Sustainable transport

business 2020
The eco-craze will see demand from governments to create sustainable transport.

12. Digital fitness

Business 2020
The fit-bit craze is not set to cease anytime soon. With consumer demand for fitness tracking set to rise.


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