Businesses to run in a recession: part two

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4 Cash-rich businessesMartin Dunne, a partner at Sayers Butterworth, has more than 15 years of experience working with fast-growing enterprises. He reckons cash-based businesses are the big-hitters of the future. ?Companies where the customer has to pay for the goods or services before they get them will flourish in 2010,? he says. ?Supermarkets are a classic example of this model.? Both Tesco and Sainsbury?s were ranked in the top ten of BDO Stoy Hayward?s recent Survivability Index. ?Cash-based firms don?t have debtors so don?t waste time and resources chasing invoices,? Dunne continues. ?This is the ideal type of business at any time, but particularly when cash is so critical. Remember, lending may not be back to normal by 2010.?5 Barter servicesBut it?s not just about the cash. Many firms are using services or products ?in kind? to get what they want. Marc Boyan founded ?30m-turnover firm Miroma International in 2003. He brokers deals between big brands and advertising companies based on part-cash, part-stock deals. ?Every industry can barter,? says Boyan. ?Even banks. If they have toxic assets, we can take them off their hands in return for media space. If a company has a big building and they want to downsize, we can take the property.? Come feast or famine, the firm will hit turnover of ?100m within three years.

6 Olympic contractsThere are 75,000 business opportunities worth ?6bn up for grabs in the run up to the 2012 Olympics. Over ?2bn-worth of these contracts have already been awarded. John Charles?s catering firm, Catering 2 Order, has landed the writ to provide breakfast and lunch to construction workers on the Olympic site. His business, founded in July 2007, will turn over ?250,000 in its first year off the back of the deal. And the benefits will be ongoing. ?In the past, large organisations thought we couldn?t meet their needs,? says Charles. ?This will lift our profile and prove that we can deliver.?

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