Businesses unsure about social media ROI

According to research from digital agency Omobono, 79 per cent of surveyed businesses, compared to 64 per cent three years ago, said social media was an ?effective? digital marketing channel.

However, only 16 per cent felt confident about the tools they use to measure ROI, and a third don?t measure it at all.

48 per cent said they lacked analytical and reporting skills in their marketing; even more, 70 per cent said that their team simply lacked ?necessary digital skills?.

The main challenges for digital marketers were listed as: a lack of resources to produce digital content, effective analytics tools and lack of digital expertise.

However, with extra budget, two-fifths of surveyed businesses said they would increase spending on social media and mobile optimisation.

Francesca Brosan, chairman of Omobono, said: The changes social media, and other digital channels, require, are putting pressures on client skill sets, resources and approach to ROI.

“[But businesses] are undoubtedly up for the challenge however, as so many cited the greater complexities of B2B marketing in the digital age as one of the key reasons they feel motivated and excited by the sector.?

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