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Why are more businesses using team building activities?

For anyone that has led a team, it can be appreciated that one of the most demanding aspects of the role is how to keep all team members happy and working on the same page as a cohesive unit. That’s where team building activities come in.

To develop a workplace environment that works together effectively, a method that has been popular in the US, and can be seen to be used increasingly more by UK businesses, is the introduction of using team building activities.

Also commonly known as company away days, these days out can be something as entertaining as seeing if the team can harmonise together with a session in a recording studio in London or a more traditional activity such as solving puzzles together in an Escape Rooms activity.

Typically, the team building activities will entail taking out a group of individuals that work closely together in the business, out of the office to engage in an activity together that requires collaboration with one another.

Today, there is a plethora of team building activities to choose from, whether they be competitive in nature to get the team working better together under pressurised circumstances, or something a bit more relaxing to generally provide the opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better.

For a memorable experience, businesses are showing a keen interest in selecting team building activities that are stimulating and unforgettable for those involved. This is because the aim of the day should be to enhance relationships and the ability for the individuals to work effectively in a team.

But equally essential to get the most value out of a team bonding day, an activity should be chosen whereby it will be enjoyed by everyone as the day should also perform the function to boost the morale of the team. In turn, these positive emotions from the experience will improve the working and personal relationship between the individuals going back into the workplace.

Returning to the office after an away day of camaraderie, socialising and bonding, team mates will feel more comfortable with one another, and it is self-explanatory that if everyone gets along with each other they will work better together. A better-connected team in turn will lead to a more productive workforce.

In addition, when resources are pulling together towards a common goal, it can bring out the competitive nature in individuals to ensure the team succeeds. Often team building activities are competitive in their approach and with the mindset to come together and be the winning team, tighter bonds between individuals are quickly developed.

Taking this into the workplace, to have a competitive team can help drive the business forward in its growth ambitions. A collective of individuals with a competitive mentality striving to achieve together to be the best in the industry can prove very effective in helping a company grow.

Further to this, a unified and competitive team, opens the door to cultivate a business environment that is constantly innovating. Having a team that works well together will ensure the safety and survival of a business, but to have a business that stays ahead of the curve and in front of its competitors requires a team that can innovate.

It is well documented that some of the most outstanding businesses in the world, such as Apple, have a company culture that continually looks to innovate as it allows them to consistently adapt to consumer trends and stay ahead of competition.

To establish an innovative team within a business, it requires the promotion of a company culture that encourages inventiveness and creativity both from an individual level and also within a collaborative team perspective to channel these ideas together into an actionable plan.

For this, it can be regarded that the elements of organisation and collaboration are key, and with this team building activities can help support the enhancement of these necessary traits to develop an innovative team.

Tze Li is a digital marketing consultant at Fountain Partnership




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