Businesses with weak brands find it hard to retain employees

A strong employer brand came out on top of a list of attributes digital professionals looked for when searching for a new job. This included benefits such as a strong internal culture, a sociable environment and regular company and social events.

The research revealed that 67 per cent of digital professionals questioned said that a relaxed and fun working environment was more important than having a marginally higher annual salary.

Most candidates questioned felt that working in a specialist digital consultancy was a more beneficial place to develop and interact with like-minded peers. Whereas an in-house digital position, although usually offering slightly higher salaries, would not have the same learning potential and relaxed atmosphere as agency working life.

The report added that a strong employer brand led to a higher retention of employees and improved staff morale. Examples of agencies with strong employer brands included theEword and MediaCom. They were accredited for striking a balance between a strong work ethic and a sociable working environment.

Managing partner at The Candidate, Colin Telford, commented: “The research has highlighted the importance of employers providing their employees with brand benefits as well as competitive salaries. Businesses are struggling to recruit for the very best in digital marketing talent, and many of those talented professionals are used to working in a more relaxed and sociable working environment.

“It?s great to see some businesses providing an environment ? that is both hard working and sociable. There is no reason why a business can?t be capable of both. It?s interesting to see that employees are not just interested in decent wages, they also want to enjoy working life too.”

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