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Cadbury: The funniest job rejection letter ever?

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15 October 2013

A job-seeker tweeted a hilarious rejection letter purporting to be from Cadbury after he sent a job application claiming to be a "super secret spy."

A cheeky job-seeker who applied for the role of Global Quality Manager with Cadbury has posted a hilarious rejection letter claiming to be from the company on Twitter. 

Jamie Jones claimed to be a “super secret spy” and attached a £5 note to the application, claiming one of his references was “Elizabeth *wink, wink*”

He also attached a sketch of an “everlasting chocolate bar,” and listed his eBay feedback as a reference.  

The rejection letter received more than 16,000 re-tweets and has been favourited over 10,000 times.

See the full “response” below. 

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