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Call centres in the Philippines: Helping UK businesses stay competitive

Call centres in the Philippines: Helping UK businesses stay competitive

Selling a product to a consumer is only the start of the relationship. It’s important that there is a conduit through which they can reach out to the company if they have any questions, concerns or complaints.

For most businesses, the people running the company won’t necessarily have the time to pick up the phone when a customer wants to get in touch. Consequently, they will hire employees in customer service roles to act as the intermediary between a customer and the company. These roles are vitally important. As mentioned, selling the product is only the first step. If you want to create a loyal customer base, you want to keep the customers happy with the product and with the overall service the company provides.

Service with a smile

The importance of customer service roles means that businesses need to hire good people to fill them. The problem in the UK is that, while there are high quality people to fill these roles, they are not always available at an affordable wage. And those workers who are willing to work at the price point you are looking for may not be as good at the job as you want.

Call centre workers need to be engaged, positive and empathetic with customers. They also need to balance these attributes with discipline, which can be difficult. It is most certainly an art form to successfully decline a customer’s request while at the same time keeping them content and feeling positive about the company.

Maintaining this discipline for hours on end can be difficult for staff in developed countries when they are not compensated to the level they want to be. This is a conundrum for many business executives who want to ensure that their customer service team is top quality without spending so much that they are eroding the bottom line.

Outsourcing customer service

One excellent solution to this problem is to outsource your call centre function. There are many reasons to do this. The one that businesses tend to focus on is the inevitable cost savings from making this move. The cost of labour in developing countries such as the Philippines is a fraction of what it is in the UK. Technology has enabled us to shift whole functions and teams of people abroad. The days where all your staff need to be in the same office are long gone.

The other improvements from outsourcing are less widely touted. Call centres in the Philippines have become high-quality operations that do more than simply deliver a low-cost service. There are sophisticated companies with extremely well trained employees who are highly motivated because the wage they are earning is many times what they might be earning otherwise. Their training and their motivation enable them to significantly enhance your customer’s experience of dealing with the company.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of your business. If you can achieve this at a much lower cost by outsourcing, isn’t that a no-brainer?

If you do decide to make this move for your company, you’ll want to ensure that the call centre in the Philippines you are working with will be a long-term partner that you can trust to deliver exceptional service. This is what Piton-Global in Manila strives for in every business relationship and their success has been built upon it.

Over the last two decades, they have become a market leader in this space and have helped companies across the world improve operating efficiencies, drive revenues and enhance the customer experience. Partnering with a call centre in the Philippines is a smart and strategic business choice that can help your company gain and maintain a key competitive advantage in the marketplace.


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