Calling all FDs: What are the biggest distractions to your day

As part of our Real FD Live event being held on 24 February, two of the A problem shared panel sessions will focus on HR and IT. Being two of the most important considerations for 21st century growing companies, the editorial team are scouring the market for the biggest issues.

For the two debates, Real FD Live has assembled a selection of business finance leaders from a variety of sectors, all of whom will be fielding real-life challenges from the delegates on the day.

However, ahead of that wed like to hear from you, our readers. Whether it is having to sit in on job interviews, deal with internal worker disputes, work out how the latest accounting software is going to fit into existing systems or worrying about data breaches we need to know.

At the beginning of January, Real Business spoke to Graze CFO Andy Gibbs and discovered just how much of his job involved harnessing data. While a very important part of operations and key to building Graze in the right way, assembling a team of data scientists would not traditionally be considered an FD or CFO responsibility.

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They say a problem shared is a problem halved, and that is what were trying to do with these two panels at Real FD Live. Calling upon the years of experience assembled by speakers on the day, valuable insights will be derived.

Please share your insights with us below and, in the aftermath of the Real FD Live conference, the Real Business team will be summarising the advice given by the two panels.

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