Calling all iPhone app entrepreneurs

Each week Real Business will be reviewing a new iPhone app, designed by a UK-based small business or entrepreneur. We need you, yes you, to let us roadtest your iPhone app and submit to an entrepreneur interview to accompany the review.

Sound good?


The first entrepreneur to sacrifice himself to a thorough grilling and iPhone app testing is John Harrison. He’s invented a nifty iPhone app that tells tube commuters which tube carriage to board so that they get out right by the best exit. Apparently, this app, called TubePro, can shave some serious time off your journey.

Our tech wizard Dean Faulkner will be putting the TubePro iPhone app through its paces shortly (because I am, alas, something of a technophobe) while I get the inside story from the entrepreneur. Check back soon to see if this is the iPhone app to end all apps, and whether John Harrison could be the next Richard Branson.

Jealous? This could be you. If you want to get your iPhone app, and company name, onto Real Business, email me, Rebecca!

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