Calling all mentors

During the past few months, I’ve have gone through a rough patch of acute depression while battling to keep the business afloat. I’ve been exceptionally well supported, despite (no doubt) being a complete pain in the proverbial to people at regular intervals. I’ve been extremely fragile at times and my previous coach was, to say the least, brutal in his approach – some of comments still haunt me now. While I am all for being pushed, I’m not sure that being reduced to pile of rubble is actually very productive. It’s a fine line.

My monthly coaching sessions were normally based on what should be done about x, y or z. My coach would tell me to ring him as soon as I’d  done this or that so we could discuss things further before doing making a decision. However, when I rang back, he was never available and messages left with his PA apparently floated off into Never Never Land. It may be one of my peculiarities but I associate reliability with trust and, over time, this just wore away until I realised I could no longer work with him.

In turn, he was probably extremely pleased to see the back of me. Clients who don’t fit the perfect mould of following all instructions and turning into perfect little success stories probably don’t suit his book.

So, here I am, looking for a new mentor/coach. I know I would benefit from some outside focussing and I do want to grow more. Not at all sure where to start looking. Any volunteers out there, either on coaching or mentoring front? 

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