Camera shy? Seven top tips to gain confidence on camera

Technology and the digital video world is such an integral part of business that SMEs cannot afford to overlook it as part of their business growth strategy.?

But for many, getting in front of the camera for interviews, presentations, even business meetings, can be a daunting prospect that holds them back.?

So how can you overcome the fears, create a confident presenter mindset you and focus your mind on SME video success?

By keeping it simple for your viewer and for you!

As SMEs it?s unlikely you have the spare budget to go pro-production for every video you do, so look at the alternative video and social media options that can connect you to a bigger community and help you grow your tribe. Vlogs, Vmails, social videos, virtual meetings ? what can work for you?

(1) Plan ahead

Do create a proper video plan and with a positive presenter mindset and practice, you can learn to PIY (Present It Yourself) and DIY quality smartphone videos. Plan, create, present, edit and enhance in YouTube and share, faster than you could write an article or blog.

(2) Write a script

Learn to write script in a chatty conversational way and grab us from the start. How dull is ?welcome to our business?? when you can bang in with a challenge/ question/ intrigue/ a killer fact to get your viewer thinking what help they need from you! Show us our pain, then deliver your solution

(3) Make your videos interactive

Lean in and know you can engage with the power of you. Be real, be true, connect by making eye-contact through the camera lens to a real viewer in your mind, not talking at a machine. Engage us with an emotional connection ? entice, enlighten, intrigue ? and hold our attention by changing what you do, not through whizz-bang edits, but by making it more about us than you.

(4) Have one key point per video

Deliver a story and a clear message, emotional connection and reaction impact you need. Then end with a clear Call To Action (CTA) ? what you want each viewer to do?

(5) Focus on your audience

Know you can?t please everyone, so focus on who your ideal viewer is, talk as if they?re there with you. Find time to smile, be open and share what they really need from you. Viewers want to believe in you, to trust and like you enough to do what you want them to do.

(6) Viewers want to learn

No one is watching you because it’s you; they?re watching to get something from you. Focus on serving/ helping/ enriching/ sharing/ caring about your viewer with free information that can truly help make their lives better or easier and they will reward you.

(7) Learn from others

You don?t always have to be a talking head. Watch your favourite presenters online and on TV, emulate the best and leave the rest. Notice and shift what habits annoy you, because that?s probably something that you do ? that?s why you?ve seen it in someone else.

Our business brains want to work for us, we are the experts in our own fields. We sell what we do face-to-face every day, but video is different because we can?t always see our successes live.?

So stop selling, stop telling ? focus on the chat, the interaction, the connection through the video screen. Build self-belief, awareness and exercise your on-screen presenter power by knowing your camera fears and camera confidence both come from inside your own mind.

Lottie Hearn is an experienced actor, TV presenter and video coach.

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