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Can a New Communication System be a Game-changer for Your Company?

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Today, all industries are so competitive, that the smallest advantage you can get on other companies from your industry, may make a great difference at the end of the year. Changing your communication system, to one using VoIP, is definitely one of these elements that will make you benefit and add to your revenues. Here is why.

Everything is linked Today

In the modern era, everything that is being handled by various employees inside a company, should be available to others. Why? Because it is the only way to have a global view, which will provide better answers, in any situation. In fact, whenever possible, a company should take all the data and have it go through an AI (Artificial Intelligence), in order to optimize their value. But when it comes to communication systems, and connecting with clients, it is clear that anyone not using a VoIP system, such as Aircall, is clearly not providing the best service to its clients. Without having an instant access to the person’s file, it is impossible to serve them well.

When you move to a VoIP system, you can connect your CRM to it, so that anyone inside the company answering the phone, will have the necessary information to respond to any demand that the client will have. By recognizing the phone number, the system immediately pulls up the customer’s file, so that the employee can actually answer the client by name, if he wants or is required to. From there, the conversation will go smoothly, as all information relevant will be on the computer screen.

Today, Employees work from Home

Things have changed a lot, in just two years. Although the revolution of having employees working away from the office had started before the pandemic arrived, there is no denying that it amplified the movement. Now, many of those workers that were sent to do their job at home, won’t be coming back. Simply because it is better for the company, as it can reduce the size of their offices, but also for the employee, who finally controls his time better, while working from home.

However, firms still working with regular landlines now have a big problem on their hands. One that a VoIP communication system can solve easily. Because the system work in the Cloud, the lines can be reached from anywhere, simply by using a smartphone. The same is obviously true about the customer’s information, since everything is linked through the internet, enabling all the advantages of the VoIP system to be brought home, as well. It is not so with a landline based communication system.

Cost is no Longer an Issue

Having landlines was very costly for companies, before. Every time you were adding an employee, you also had to add a new line. It meant having work done inside the office to have it connected to the network, as well as increasing the cost of the phone bill, every month. Nowadays, with this new communication system, you can negotiate a large number of new lines and save cost on all other characteristics that goes with it, such as long distance calls and equipment.

A More Efficient Team

In the end, the most important factor that a VoIP communication system will bring to your company, is that it will render your whole team much more efficient. Everyone will be able to pick up their calls, no matter where they are, be it in the road, at home or at the office. They will also be able to communicate between themselves more efficiently thanks to a variety of software attached to the system.



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