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Can Your Style Help to Win Over B2B Clients?

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When it comes to winning over B2B clients, your style is very much a key form of communication. With this in mind, it’s essential that you get your wardrobe right before meeting prospective clients or attending trade shows. The chances are that your attire can be a tool for making a strong first impression. 

Furthermore, your clothes can do a lot of talking on your behalf at events like trade shows. When you’re competing with like-minded businesses, perfecting your appearance could pay dividends. 

There should be a number of factors that go into your style when taking opportunities to win new B2B clients–and matters like your industry and approachability should all be taken into account. 

So, how can you dress to impress and win over those all-important clients? Let’s take a look at some of the most important considerations you should take when styling yourself to win over new clients: 

Make Your Appearance Approachable

Yes, looking as cool as possible can be a good way of making you appear more suave and sophisticated in front of clients, but oftentimes it pays to appear more approachable and willing to talk. 

Many clients simply want to feel comfortable talking about your business and what you can bring to the table for them. Wearing a black suit with black shades can help you to strike a strong and stylish impression, but sometimes clients simply want to find someone with a personable demeanour to talk to. 

Color can go a long way in appearing more approachable, and even the subtle addition of coloured eyewear can be a great way to make yourself appear more personable and ready to talk to clients. For outdoor events, it’s even possible to use coloured tinting on your sunglasses to generate a more approachable look. Revo sunglasses are particularly good at creating classy frames complemented by warm-coloured tints that can create a link between cool looks and a friendly appearance. 

Keep Your Industry in Mind

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When planning your style for a B2B networking event or meeting, take a moment to think about the overall feel of the industry that you’re working in. 

The prospect of overdressing for a casual industry, or going overly casual in a more formal industry could undermine the message you want to send to prospective clients. 

While it’s great to be able to stand out from the crowd, you want to send a winning impression to your clients, and to avoid making them believe that your company isn’t the right culture fit to work with. 

Matters like jeans could be great for more relaxed industries, but wouldn’t fly at, say, a legal conference. Likewise, if you’re pitching to tech-based clients, there’s likely to be a sweet spot in wearing business casual attire. 

Small Details can Signify More Attentiveness

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One of the best tricks of the trade is to use small accessories and flourishes to your advantage when meeting prospective B2B clients. This is because they can make you and your business appear more attentive to detail, and better prepared to aid the growth of your clients. 

Accessories like matching cufflinks, earrings, handbags, and any other jewellery and accessories can be a great way of attracting more attention and to secure greater volumes of interest no matter where you’re interacting with your clients. 

Once again, colour can be a good ally in this scenario–particularly when it comes to networking opportunities. Spend more time considering how to incorporate bold, warm colors into your small details and you’re more likely to come across as friendly and approachable amidst larger crowds of competitors. 

Always Prioritise Comfort

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While your appearance is of paramount importance when meeting prospective clients, your first impression could be impacted by wearing uncomfortable clothing. If you’re meeting multiple potential B2B clients over the course of a day, dressing in new, formal attire could bring discomfort that will affect your mood and ability to communicate effectively. 

For this reason, you shouldn’t wear untested items of clothing on busy B2B networking events or through a series of meetings. Look to customise your wardrobe with a collection of comfortable items that you know and trust. 

Fortunately, combining style and comfort can bring out more style opportunities. For instance, your bag can be styled to match your appearance and carry essentials like a bottle of water and an extra layer of clothing should you need it. 

For B2B businesses, client acquisition is an essential part of operations, and making a successful first impression is pivotal. Style plays a big part in helping to make a great first impression, and client-facing staff should always keep an eye on their wardrobe to ensure that they’re in a position to win new clients. 

While factors like comfort are key, it’s the small details that can really carry a lasting impression for clients, and with the right approach to your style, it’s possible to give yourself the best chance as possible in securing meaningful client relationships that can last long into the future. 


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