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The Candypants story: How do you make a name for yourself in two industries at once

Candypants is a brand with a two-pronged attack it is an events business as well as a clothing business. It’s founder, Ray Chan, describes it as a ?lifestyle brand that is rapidly growing globally in nightlife and fashion?.

According to Chan, Candypants has become a market leader in the industry, and often ?leads trends and changes in the UK, Marbella, Ibiza and Middle East markets?. He hopes the brand will be remembered for throwing amazing parties around the world, and being and the forefront of fashion.

We caught up with Chan to find out more about how is making this dream a reality.

What is your business model?

Our business model is to enter an area and use brand reputation to educate, develop a local crowd and platform. Then because we operate in tourist areas we get repeat customers that travel between.

How do you measure success

I measure success through peoples reactions and feedback. To be given the opportunity to rub shoulders with the best operators in the world and hear such positive words from them gives me great satisfaction.

What are your growth plans?

Candypants has just turned 10 years old. It’s a huge land mark and through hard work, consistency and being able to adapt I plan to steer us into more international markets.

How did you fund your business

It has been organically grown, reinvestment is continual and we look to build all the time.

What technology does your business absolutely rely on and why?

I think the mobile phone has been a huge part of our success. To have the ability to connect with people around the world whether it be social, text or a call at a touch of button is priceless.

Where do you see your business in five years

I would like to see us develop further as an international brand that operates in the key cities around the world.

What is your greatest business achievement

My greatest business achievements so far have been organising a yacht party trackside at one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the Adu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2017, and also stepping foot in America by organising a party at STK Miami during Miami Music Week.

What would you tell your younger self ?

I would tell myself to take more risks at a younger age and to really implement targets.

Your biggest piece of advice to other entrepreneurs

Be patient and consistent in what you do.

What would make you a better leader

If I had more money I would be able to build a bigger team to take away various tasks I have to do, which in turn means I can focus on being a better leader.

What is the one app you use the most?

Instagram. I think it’s taken over Facebook.

What is your daily routine

My schedule week to week can be quite varied depending where I am, however I usually start my day with a coffee catching up on emails and messages. I often wake up with things to do as we operate in Dubai and they?re three or four hours ahead. I then usually hit the gym for an hour to really freshen my mind and this sets me up to tackle the rest of the day.

Catching up with my team is a daily routine but also planning and thinking of the next steps is important, and with us running over 250 parties a year I need to keep on top daily.

What is your favourite film or TV series that has inspired you in business?

I was very lucky to have dinner with one of the Ultra music festival owners recently and he told me to watch ?What we started based on the journey of music the industry and how hard work does pay off. Very inspiring and I love real life success and seeing people build, create and hustle their way to the top.



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