Capito Systems

Company name: 

Capito Systems

What they do: 

Spoken language technology

Capito Systems lives by the idea that making a purchase via a mobile device should be as quick and simple as asking a shop assistant for the item you want ? it’s something we do all the time using the power of language.

Seeking to create a virtual-assistant experience, the company is pioneering innovation in aspects of speech recognition accuracy, including the ability to understand wide ranging accents, dialects and natural language understanding. From eTicketing, mobile banking, sports betting and take-away ordering, the applications are endless.

The company is currently developing a prototype for two high-profile household names to prove the concept in their initial market. It has also developed two prototype apps for different eCommerce domains which will be used as sales tools. The firm is pre-revenue, so inclusion in the 30 to Watch is something of a gamble by our judges, but the idea is so big, and Capito so well positioned, that we felt the firm deserves to be flagged up as a potential game-changer.

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