Caprice: “When I put my lingerie on the TOWIE girls it flies off the shelves”

Having set up her By Caprice Products range of lingerie after first doing a licensing deal with Debenhams, Bourret is now in the midst of taking her brand global though the opening of retail outlets.

After being invited to her house in North London to find out more, Bourret told Real Business that her name and recognition has proved fruitful over the years but she has now realised that she will achieve better results by getting others wearing her underwear.

There are pros and cons to having a name that a few people know of. The cons: there is a stereotype that is hard to overcome initially. People think, she is a model and entrepreneur, shes going to be a one-hit wonder here .

It was really difficult for me initially calling up stockists and saying the line would work. They were saying: Uh, call us back in two or three years .

However, Bourret soon learnt that by simply slipping on her brands lingerie and showing it off in a newspaper like The Sun was great at creating both awareness and sales. I took advantage of that, I didnt shy away from lit,” she added.

Now the business has been going on for eight years I dont have to do it any more I had to hang up my thong at some stage as people have seen my in my underwear 100,000 times.

Putting my ego in my back pocket, I hire models now. I had to identify what my target market is and get the right model for that. When I use The Only Way Is Essex girls my stuff flies off the shelves.

Real Business recently profiled five stars of The Only Way is Essex to see how each had used the show to become entrepreneurs and launch their own businesses.

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The change in todays market from when she started out is the manner in which the entrepreneur goes about marketing. I could be on the cover of The Sun and Daily Mail, but I put a collection on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and immediately it generates crazy amounts of sales.

I know that if I have a drip in one line, I put get a celebrity, get it on social media, and sales are boosted. Its all free, and I love the f word.

Saying that anyone in business not using social media is out of their mind , Bourret revealed to us that despite the fact that she and her models could do covers, her biggest sales are from utilising social media.

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