Carla Bruni: new record label staying tight-lipped

Batt, who founded the company in 2000, is one of Britain’s best-known songwriters and composers. He penned Art Garfunkel’s “Bright Eyes”, as well as the theme tune for the Wombles – lest we need reminding – that popular 1970s tv show about pointy-nosed furry creatures that live in burrows on Wimbledon Common.

In addition to serving as a “vehicle for [his] own endeavours as a musician", Batt explained that Dramatico is also a record label for signing new artists. Batt was quite happy to wax lyrical about “discovering” Katie Melua three years ago, telling me: “She’s sold nearly ten million records since we signed her three years ago and she was the biggest-selling British female artist in the world last year.”

But when I asked him about signing Carla Bruni to his label, Batt suddenly got a tad cagey and said: “Yes, she’s signed to us for three more albums but I’d rather not talk about her if that’s ok.”

"What?" I thought at the time. He doesn’t want to talk about his record deal with the future wife of French President Sarkozy?!

Now I know why. Seems Batt has already learnt his lesson about speaking out about the new First Lady of France.

Here’s an excerpt from a blog I read on the Telegraph this morning:

Batt told The Times last month that she (Bruni) had opposed Sarko’s election as President.

Bruni, 40, who was once linked to Sir Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, is recording six songs in Paris, which Batt will help to polish for the English-speaking market.

Batt found that Ms Bruni was typically outspoken at a dinner party before Nicolas Sarkozy was elected. “She was slagging him off,” he said.

“She said it would be terrible if he was elected. Carla tells it like she sees it at every level – but that was before she knew Nicolas.”

Batt knows too much. He will need to be vetted by French security and warned by the President’s spindoctors not to reveal any more such embarrassing details. And so the President of great country has to worry about what the man who wrote "Remember you’re a Womble” might say about him or his wife.

The words “Charles de Gaulle” and “spinning in his grave” spring to mind.

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