Caseworks embraces outsourcing

“As a company we ruthlessly outsource,” he says. “You won’t find an HR manager or an IT manager among our ten employees.”

Linsell co-founded Caseworks in 1995 as a boutique agency focusing on case studies for the IT industry. The company’s remit has grown so that Linsell now says Caseworks’ claim to fame is helping customers “sell more through a range of channels such as new media or white papers”. The company turns over approximately £1m.

Linsell says relying on outsourcing works very well. “I’m always amazed when I see companies who have someone permanently employed in roles such as employment law, IT support or even an accountant," he says. "I don’t see how they can afford it.”

He’s also just as ruthless when it comes to employing permanent staff. Despite the best efforts of the chattering classes to talk the UK into recession, Linsell is planning growth for Caseworks by making use of temporary staff. "We won’t be making big investments in people unless we land some big contracts. However, we’re on a big sales drive so if we win those contracts we will service them by hiring temps and making them permanent when the contacts become more permanent.”

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