Cash to help computer firm fund growth

The products deliver and support HPC clusters, which is what the Warwick-based company specialises in. Cluster computing is the linking up of multiple computers through fast local area networks to effectively form a single computer.

Advantages of the set-up include improved performance and availability over that provided by a single computer. In addition, linked up computers are more cost-effective than single computers of comparable speed.

The business’s aim is to enable hardware sellers and system integrators to deliver HPC cluster systems in a scalable and repeatable manner, according to Concurrent Thinking chief executive Michael Rudgyard.

“By embedding the company’s know-how within an appliance framework, and augmenting this with comprehensive system management and content management capabilities, we can considerably simplify the process of building and supporting complex HPC systems,” Rudgyard says.

The Mercia Fund and Midven’s Advantage Growth Fund also participated in the financing.

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