Ghosting ? where do you stand legally when your employee goes AWOL?

What happens when an employee simply doesn’t turn up to work one day? As an employer, you have an obligation to ensure their safety at work, and even when they’re not there, such as when you encounter an empty desk with no prior warning or notice. Although there might be a genuine reason for an unsolicited absence, there is a chance that the employee might have taken another job. In this case, you need to be armed with the right legal information to deal with the situation effectively.

Yes, we’re still talking about GDPR. Here’s how businesses can remain compliant in 2019 and beyond

There is no quick fix available to become GDPR compliant. Big businesses continue to be hit with massive fines as we speak. So employers large and small must continue to invest in ways to remain ‘data ethical’ in 2019 and beyond. Using my experience in data intelligence, I suggest five key areas businesses should be looking at to achieve GDPR compliance.