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How To Build A Freelance Portfolio Website

How To Build A Freelance Portfolio Website

Your skills need to be demonstrated to your prospective clients and a portfolio website is a necessary tool for any freelancer looking to do just that. Your website effectively is an online CV, allowing potential clients to view examples of your work and assess if you are the right fit for their project. Determine Your […]

How to Set Up an Airbnb Business

How To Set Up An Airbnb Business

Renting out a spare room, home or holiday property on Airbnb can be a great way to earn extra income. With over 4 million Airbnb listings worldwide, it’s become very popular. Getting an Airbnb business off the ground does take some effort initially. But run properly, it can become a rewarding and financially fruitful venture. […]

What Is The Easiest Business To Start In The UK?

What Is The Easiest Business To Start In The UK

Some of the easiest businesses to start in the UK would likely be freelance services, handmade products, simple service-based businesses, and low-cost online retail arbitrage. These are all relatively straightforward and require minimal startup costs, can be operated from home initially, leverage existing skills, and offer flexible hours. These are all factors that simplify the […]

6 Security Measures Your Store Can Take to Stay Safe

Smart deadbolt locks

With retail crime continuing to grow in Britain, store owners are beginning to take proactive measures to protect both themselves and their livelihoods. Fortunately, there are many relatively low-cost and actionable approaches that can be effective in shoring up store security.  The figures surrounding retail crime are likely to be concerning for business owners up […]

What You Must Know About Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrency Investment

Over the last decade, cryptocurrencies rose to prominence as many individuals and institutional investors added digital currencies to their portfolios. While this is ongoing, analysts believe that investors must be aware of the unpredictability and volatile nature of digital currencies. For individuals who choose to consider cryptocurrency investment, they must perform their research just like […]

How to Register a Company Name in the UK

How to Register a Company Name in the UK

Registering a company name is one of the first steps to starting a business in the UK. Here is a simple overview of what you need to do: Check availability using Companies House online Pick something memorable, meaningful and distinct Add the appropriate company suffix Provide accurate details on the application Get your Certificate of […]

When Do I Need To Register As Self Employed

When Do I Need To Register As Self-Employed?

If you are operating as a self-employed individual in the UK, you must register as self employed with HMRC as soon as possible after you start trading, and definitely by the 5th October after the end of the tax year in which you became self-employed. For example, if you started your business on 1 April […]

Taking Holidays As A Freelancer

Freelancer planning time off

Working as a freelancer has many benefits, and one of the key ones is the flexibility it affords you. When you’re in charge of your own schedule, it’s easy to see how others would think you could take holidays as often as you like, whenever you like. And, in theory, you can. But for many […]

5 Ways To Dominate Your Niche In 2023: From Hyper-Local SEO to Market Segmentation


A business niche is a specialised or focused area of a broader market that your brand serves specifically. Finding a niche in the market differentiates your business from the competition and allows you to excel in your sector. However, it’s more important to have control of your business by standing out as the niche leader […]

How to Start an Etsy Shop – Everything You Need to Know

how to start an etsy shop

Etsy is a unique online marketplace that connects creators, crafters, and vintage sellers to buyers across the globe. Since its inception in 2005, the platform has grown exponentially, empowering artists and entrepreneurs to share their creativity and passion with a global audience. Unlike typical e-commerce platforms, Etsy focuses on handcrafted and vintage goods, providing a […]

Requirements To Become An Uber Driver In The Uk

Requirements to be an Uber Driver in the UK

Trying to understand all the requirements to become an Uber driver in the UK? Well, it’s easy to get started, but there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet before you can begin driving and earning money. To become an Uber driver in the UK, you need to meet the following requirements: You need […]

30 Tips for Out-of-State Landlords

Real estate

Being an out-of-state landlord can seem daunting, but it may be a lucrative investment opportunity with the right approach. Managing properties from a distance requires careful planning, organisation, and effective communication. Here are 30 practical tips to help you succeed as an out-of-state landlord. 1. Local Property Management: Enlist a reliable local property management company […]