What is a consumer finance company account? Everything you need to know

What is a consumer finance company account

“Consumer finance” is a broad term for any arrangement where a customer is loaned money so that they can make a purchase. This loan may be to purchase a car, furniture, a holiday, or just to pay utility bills, but it enables that customer to pay for something gradually that they can’t afford to pay […]

How do finance companies calculate interest?

How do finance companies calculate interest?

When you borrow money from a lender, whether it’s for a business loan or personal loan, you’ll need to pay back this loan with interest. In some instances, the final amount you end up paying back over time can be more than double the amount you originally borrowed. Interest is in place so that the […]

How can a sole trader raise finance?

How can a sole trader raise finance?

As a sole trader, you more than likely need to raise some sort of capital to help get your business off the ground, purchase the necessary assets, and have sufficient working capital so that business payments can be made on time. At the end of the day, starting up a business as a sole trader […]

What is post-shipment finance and how could it help your exporting business?

What is post-shipment finance?

As an exporter, one of the biggest challenges in the export business is the waiting period between shipping goods (or providing services) to an overseas client and the time in which you get paid for the goods and services that you have provided. The larger the shipment, the larger the risk, and the more potential […]

How to offer finance to your customers in the UK

How to offer finance to my customers UK

When it comes to offering finance to customers in the UK, business owners have two basic options; they can either administer the customer finance themselves or work with a third party financing company to run the credit operations on your behalf. Decide what type of finance you want to offer Choose a financing firm to […]

What is debt finance? The ultimate guide to personal and business loans

What is debt finance?

Debt financing is a type of financial arrangement where you borrow money from a lender or creditor for a certain period over time and at a pre-agreed rate of interest. With debt financing, the loan is paid in regular instalments (usually monthly payments) until the entire amount is paid off. There are many uses for […]

What is the difference between finance and economics?

What is the difference between finance and economics?

In the world of business, ‘finance’ and ‘economics’ are two words that are often used interchangeably despite the stark differences between them. As an entrepreneur, investor or aspiring business person, it is vital that you understand various business terminology, and this extends to understanding the differences between finance and economics. Despite their differences, finance and […]

UK SMEs Need to Adapt for the Future of Sales

future of sales

According to HubSpot’s UK Future of Sales Report, the UK’s small businesses will need to adjust to the hybrid working and selling reality and embrace innovative technology to stay competitive. We sat down with Ed Barret, Vice President of Sales at HubSpot, to discuss the report.  Hybrid working seems to be at the forefront of […]

What does PA stand for in finance?

What does PA stand for in finance?

In the world of finance, there are a number of different terms that get bandied about and consumers are just expected to know what they mean. One of these is “PA” or “per annum,” which refers to annual interest rates or payment plans for certain types of loans, savings accounts and credit cards. It is […]

Why is finance important? Here’s what you need to know.


Whether you are thinking about starting a business, or you are already in the early days of running your small business, you might be thinking about finances. After all, it is difficult to get a business off the ground without investing money into it. So, why is finance important in business? In this article, we […]

What is debit finance

What is Debit Finance?

When it comes to funding a business, capital is paramount. Capital is the operating money that you need to get your business running smoothly before you start bringing in money to break even and eventually turn a profit. There are two types of capital: equity and debt. Equity and debt are very different and will […]

More transparency needed in loans industry

loan transparency

A startup founder has called for more transparency in the fast-moving space of loan reclaims. In recent years, thousands of people who took out payday loans, guarantor loans and other high cost loans have been able to claim thousands of pounds on former loans that they were unable to afford. Whilst UK lenders are required […]