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The Future of Funding: Is Tokenisation The Key To Inclusive Private Equity?

Blockchain technology

By Rafael S.Lajeunesse, co-founder and CEO ReachX A quiet revolution is gaining momentum: it’s called tokenisation and it promises to reshape how we think about and engage with private equity. For an industry often criticised for its high barriers to entry, the implications of this shift could be profound. Could tokenisation be the golden key […]

How VAT Works For Limited Companies

How VAT works for Limited Companies

Value Added Tax, known as VAT, is a tax placed on goods and services at every stage of a product’s journey, but it is an indirect tax that must be calculated by the provider of the service. Limited companies charging VAT on goods and services can reclaim VAT from HMRC on purchases made for the […]

Why Is Finance Important In Business – What You Need To Know

Why is finance important

Business finance is important because it lets business owners plan appropriately for their business’ future success. Through good financial management you can allocate resources, know when and where to spend, and understand the best saving strategies to ensure short, medium, and long term success. To stay ahead in business, you need to be prepared for […]

What Does The 1263l Tax Code Mean?

what does the 1263l tax code mean

The most common tax code in the UK is 1257l, so seeing a different tax code can be alarming for both employees and employers. If you’re a business owner reviewing the payslips of your employees and you come across a 1263l tax code, you might wonder if you made a mistake when passing over their […]

How Long Does It Take For HMRC Tax Refund To Go Into Bank?

Waiting on Tax Return

Part of how a country makes money is by taxing its citizens and adjusting for income. However, when you end up paying too much tax, usually through a change in employment status, you are entitled to a tax refund. However, many of our viewers ask how long a tax refund is supposed to be, with […]

Where To Find UTR Number As A Self Employed Individual

where to find utr number

Your UTR number – otherwise known as a Unique Taxpayer Reference number – is a vital piece of information HMRC may request from you for your tax records as a self employed individual or business owner. It helps identify you as a unique taxpayer in the UK, so it’s an important identifying number to ensure […]

Redeemable Shares Explained

Redeemable Shares

Redeemable shares are a flexible type of share that allows businesses to buy back the shares in the future. Whilst the business doesn’t have to repurchase the shares, they have the option to buy based on pricing conditions set when the shares are first issued. Redeemable shares provide a way for a business to gather […]

What Is A Limited Company Strike Off?

companies house striking off

A limited company strike-off is the process of a business being formally dissolved and removed from the Companies House register. It is the process that legally completes the closure of the company and releases it from any further reporting obligations. It can take around 3 months to complete the strike-off. During this time the business […]

What Is A Company Limited By Guarantee? 

company limited by guarantee

A company limited by guarantee refers to a type of company structure that is often used by non-profit and charitable organisations. The structure provides the organisation with the benefits of operating like a company in terms of legal status and protections but without the need for shares or owners. In place of shareholders, member-guarantors promise […]

Is Turnover Calculated Before Or After Tax?

Is Turnover Before Or After Tax?

Turnover will give you a quick overview of business performance, because it looks at your net income – all of the revenue you’ve generated throughout the year through the sales of goods and services. This is different to net profit (which is the total sales minus any business expenses). Your business’ annual turnover simply looks […]

Under What Circumstances Would HMRC Investigate A Self-Employed Person?

HMRC investigate self employed person

Let’s be clear from the outset – HMRC will only investigate a self-employed person when they have genuine reason to believe they have committed purposeful tax fraud. They will not come after self-employed individuals or get involved in their tax affairs if they see no evidence of a crime. So, if you’re a self-employed person […]

How to Offer Finance for Customers in the UK

How to offer finance to my customers UK

In the modern business world, convenience is everything to a customer. In the past, when it came to products or services that charge a high cash price at a store, the only option was to save up for some time and pay it all at once. It’s become increasingly more common to create instead a […]