Raising Finance

Getting funding can be a challenge and alternative finance may seem like a godsend to growing businesses – but there are funding pitfalls, and if you don’t get it right, it can be an expensive mistake. 

This section provides advice on which funding option is right for your business by speaking with finance providers and experts, as well as showcasing businesses that have been through the process and keeping tabs on finance news.

Is crowdfunding, venture capital, private equity right for you? What about debt options like bank loans or asset-based finance? Which funding option is right for your business? This section helps you navigate the complexities of SME funding, whether through debt or equity financing.

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What it takes to become a unicorn status company in the UK today

What's next for businesses that are valued in the multi-millions? It's getting up to that billion dollar (or unicorn) status valuation of course! For successful SME owners, reaching for the stars and imagining a unicorn based existence shouldn't be thought of as a silly pipe dream, and new research can show you how to get there. This new research reveals key trends that are common within the UK's unicorn businesses from across the sectors, including the common age of founders and their businesses, and the extent that the founder is still involved in the business as variables that make reaching unicorn status more likely.

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By Annie May Noonan

How to make your business more credible to investors

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Forget Dragon’s Den – how does pitching to VCs really work?

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Is your business on the angel investor wishlist this year?

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Crowdfunding is teaching students how to be entrepreneurs

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Seeking investment: How high do female founders score?

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What is crowdfunding and how does it work?

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Blok Knives: From artisanal passion project to national business

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Alternative finance providers plug the SME gap

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Calling all startups: Prince Andrew wants to help your business grow

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SME Funding Guide: Know your debt finance options

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How to get a secured business loan

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