Work & Wellbeing

This section is dedicated to helping SMEs improve their understanding of what it means to have a healthy workforce, providing practical tips for activities and advice to make work and wellbeing a priority.

Fight or flight? Why some stress at work can actually be good for you
7 Min Read
By Brendan Street
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How workplace design drives productivity for employees of all ages
6 Min Read
By Phil Sugden
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How to look after your mental health in the business world
9 Min Read
By Penny Power
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A new initiative allows British venture capitalists to share diversity data anonymously, helping to build a common understanding of the state of play that the industry can use to identify issues and develop solutions.
The $11.6bn coaching industry continues to boom, and it’s being led by women – for women
16 Min Read
By Annie May Noonan
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Feeling flustered at work? Practice mindful cleansing from your desk
4 Min Read
By Audrey Tang
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Standing desks and their benefits in the workplace
22 Min Read
By Staff Writer
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Check out these awesome team building activities
Team building: Activities, games and exercises people will actually want to do
13 Min Read
By Olly Goodall
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James Packer's resignation: Our attitude towards mental health is changing
Being an entrepreneur: How to overcome a culture of loneliness
6 Min Read
By Matthew Addison
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Is your company suffering from presenteeism?
6 Min Read
By Steve Thompson
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Time-poor and poorly – a perfect storm for SMEs
3 Min Read
By Staff writer
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Does leading by example always work? How to create a culture of wellbeing
20 Min Read
By Praseeda Nair
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When perks aren’t enough: Wellbeing needs a culture shift
8 Min Read
By Simon Caldwell
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