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Return To Work After Sickness Interview Questions: Examples And Advice

Return to work after sickness interview question examples

When an employee returns to work following a sickness absence, it’s your duty as an employer to ensure their transition back to work is smooth. Conduct a return to work after sickness interview with your employee to ensure they are fit to be back. Ensuring your business has a track record for conducting return to […]

Terminating Apprenticeship Early: Employee & Employer Rights

Terminating an apprenticeship early

Ending an apprenticeship contract early or apprenticeship agreement can be a tricky thing – especially if both parties don’t agree. Where there is a mutual agreement that the apprenticeship hasn’t worked out, then there usually is very little consequence for either party once the apprenticeship ends. The problem begins when one party wants to end […]

What Can An Employee Do When Contracted Hours Are Not Being Met?

contracted hours not being met

A contract of employment is the key to any employer/employee dynamic. It set’s the boundaries for both parties and lets each other know what to expect during the employment period. This includes contracted hours (actual working hours) and compensation for extra hours (overtime) should the business require it. The key here, is that contracted hours […]

How Long Does Gross Misconduct Stay On Your Record?

How does gross misconduct affect future employment

Gross misconduct refers to actions or behaviours by employees that are considered a serious breach of the employment contract, bad enough to lose trust in an employee entirely. These actions can be anything from theft to outright violence. The immediate disciplinary action is usually summary dismissal, otherwise known as instant dismissal, where the employee is […]

OTE Meaning (On-target Earnings)

OTE Mean

What does OTE mean? OTE stands for On-Target Earnings (or On-Track Earnings.) It is a measure of how much money an employee can expect to earn in a given year from base salary, commissions & bonuses. It provides a more accurate picture of total compensation than base salary alone. OTE is a useful tool for […]

5 Key Approaches To Master Holding Town Hall Meetings In A Small Business

Town hall forum meeting

Oftentimes, businesses can fall into the trap of believing that town hall meetings are an unnecessary way of spending those all-important company hours, but they can ultimately play a significant role in restoring a sense of transparency and togetherness throughout all levels of a company.  According to a Slack survey, some 87% of employees wanted […]

HR Roles And Responsibilities

what are the roles and responsibilities of hr executive

HR, an acronym for the human resources department, play a large role in organisational development. HR roles and responsibilities differ, but overall every individual working in HR believes that employees are the biggest strength of any company. Therefore, the workplace’s central HR function is to ensure positive work environments through people management. Overall, theirs is […]

What to do if HR ignores you

What to do when HR is not on your side

What to do if HR ignores you is a fair question, as they are the service often meant to support you in such a situation. When that department isn’t functioning well or letting you down, where to go next is a challenge. Many employees feel that rather than having their backs, the HR department is […]

What Does A Competitive Salary Mean?

What Does A Competitive Salary Mean

A competitive salary is often seen as the key to attracting and retaining the best talent. But what does a competitive salary mean? There are a few different ways to define it. One common way is to simply look at what similar businesses in your industry are paying their employees. Another approach is to consider […]

What Can A Virtual Assistant Do For Your Business?

What does a virtual assistant do? With examples

These days there seems to be a virtual version of almost everything, even reality. So it only makes sense that virtual assistants have become increasingly popular. Virtual assistants, also known as VAs, usually work remotely and can be employed full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer for when your business experiences busy periods. Some VAs specialise […]

How to become an estate agent – find out here

How to become an estate agent

If you are looking for a career that is both challenging and rewarding, then being an estate agent might be perfect for you. As an estate agent, you will have the opportunity to work in close contact with people, take care of their properties and help them make important decisions that could really change their […]

Importance of problem-solving for potential managers

Importance of problem-solving for potential managers

Effective problem solving is a crucial skill for managers to possess because they’re expected to be able to overcome challenges in everyday operations to more complex conflicts and missed goals. Being able to identify problems, analyse the cause and take practical and logical steps to resolve them requires a calm and clear head. The sum […]