How to be an overnight success in business

How to be an overnight success- Things you need to know

It is the dream of most new business owners and entrepreneurs to have their business receive instant international attention and success and become an overnight sensation. That would be so much easier than going the traditional route of slowly building up your brand’s success, right? Overnight success stories are hot topics in the business world […]

I want to start a business but have no ideas – your problem solved

I want to start a business but have no ideas- solved

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur but are battling to come up with a viable business idea, don’t worry… you are definitely not alone in this! Even those who have attended prestigious business schools struggle when it comes to coming up with innovative business ideas, and even the most successful entrepreneurs may have had to […]

How to buy an online business in the UK

Buy online business uk

Buying an existing online business in the UK may provide you with a better chance of success than if you had to start your own business from scratch, and that is why buying online businesses is so popular for many entrepreneurs, and not just in the UK! Online businesses also offer a range of businesses […]

Future business ideas for UK entrepreneurs

Future business ideas UK

In the UK alone, there are currently over 6 million businesses! While this number can be inspiring, it may also be daunting to the new business owner who may wonder how their business will survive with so much competition. Taking the COVID-19 pandemic into account, which had a massive impact on so many UK businesses, […]

How to start your own UK business with no money

How to Start Your Own Business with No Money UK

There are so many benefits to starting your own business. You get to work on projects you care about, set your own hours, and be in total control of your future growth. However, one of the biggest hurdles that deters many people from taking the leap is money. You may think that if you don’t […]

What is an MVP?

What is a MVP?

In the world of business, MVP stands for a minimum viable product. It is a technique that was made popular by Eric Ries when he first described the term in his book ‘Lean Startup’. Eri Reis is looked up to as an authority when it comes to innovative methodologies for small businesses, and his book […]

Business ideas for students

Business ideas for students

As a student, you may feel that you are strapped for cash and could do with some extra pocket money. In this case, you have two options available to you…get a job or start a business. Many highly successful enterprises were started by those who made the initial moves when they were still a student. […]

Business survival strategies – what are they?

Business survival strategies- what are they?

As a business owner, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. We live in volatile and unprecedented times, and there are so many variables and risks that you should take into consideration if you want your business to survive. A great example of this was the covid-19 pandemic that created an immense amount of […]

What are some risks of social entrepreneurship

A social entrepreneur is an entrepreneur that starts a business to create social change and possibly solve certain social issues and problems. Examples of social entrepreneurs are wide and varied. It could be someone who builds mobile apps designed to report crimes or creates a business that aims to bring resources to underprivileged communities. At […]

How creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship are related

How creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship are related

Over the years, entrepreneurs have become more and more associated with creativity. So much so that when you meet an entrepreneur (especially a successful one), you automatically assume that they must have some creative and innovative qualities. But why is this assumption and association made? Well, one of the most important requirements of a successful […]

What are the job opportunities after an MBA in finance

What are the job opportunities after MBA in finance

Careers in finance are well-known for their healthy salaries and clear routes of career progression. And with those holding advanced finance qualifications commanding the highest of these salaries, it is no wonder that an MBA in finance is such a popular qualification. But what are the job opportunities after MBA in finance. In this article, […]