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When To Issue A Final Written Warning – The Ultimate Employer’s Guide

Final written warning

Final written warnings are part of a broader disciplinary process that must be completely understood and adhered to as a business owner. In other words, if you’re about to issue a final written warning and (possibly) terminate an employee’s contract at the end of their review period, then you need to ensure it is a […]

How Long Can Employees Be On Sick Leave Before Dismissal?

long term employee sickness

If your employee has frequent sickness absences due to long-term ill health, you may wonder if dismissal is the right approach. There isn’t, however, a magic number of days an employee can be on sick leave before dismissal. It’s very much up to you, as a business, to decide what’s right here. Whilst you may […]

Terminating Apprenticeship Early: Employee & Employer Rights

Terminating an apprenticeship early

Ending an apprenticeship contract or apprenticeship agreement can be a tricky thing – especially if both parties don’t agree. Where there is a mutual agreement that the apprenticeship hasn’t worked out, then there usually is very little consequence for either party once the apprenticeship ends. The problem begins when one party wants to end the […]

What Can An Employee Do When Contracted Hours Are Not Being Met?

contracted hours not being met

A contract of employment is the key to any employer/employee dynamic. It set’s the boundaries for both parties and lets each other know what to expect during the employment period. This includes contracted hours (actual working hours) and compensation for extra hours (overtime) should the business require it. The key here, is that contracted hours […]

Can You Live Chat with HMRC – How to talk to HMRC

can you live chat with HMRC

Individuals and businesses need to manage their tax affairs and that quite often means communicating with His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) directly. Wondering if you can chat live with HMRC? At the moment HMRC doesn’t offer a live chat option for general customer enquiries, but it is available as a support tool for PAYE, […]

How Long Does Gross Misconduct Stay On Your Record?

How does gross misconduct affect future employment

Gross misconduct refers to actions or behaviours by employees that are considered a serious breach of the employment contract, bad enough to lose trust in an employee entirely. These actions can be anything from theft to outright violence. The immediate disciplinary action is usually summary dismissal, otherwise known as instant dismissal, where the employee is […]

Top 10 Interview Mistakes

job interview

A simple interview mistake can be all it takes to lose an exciting job opportunity. Think of the interview as “one chance” to make a good impression. How would you approach it? We recommend early preparation and understanding the common mistakes that could affect your chances.  Remember, you’ve already demonstrated something that the company likes, […]

P60 Meaning – Definition, Issue Date & Deadline Details

Everything Employers Need to Know About P60s

P60 Definition A P60 is an important document that provides a formal statement of income earned, Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and National Insurance Contributions that an employee receives from their employer in a tax year. Many people consider a P60 as an ‘end of year certificate’ that provides proof of employment, and taxes paid […]

HR Roles And Responsibilities

what are the roles and responsibilities of hr executive

HR, an acronym for the human resources department, play a large role in organisational development. HR roles and responsibilities differ, but overall every individual working in HR believes that employees are the biggest strength of any company. Therefore, the workplace’s central HR function is to ensure positive work environments through people management. Overall, theirs is […]

What to do if HR ignores you

What to do when HR is not on your side

What to do if HR ignores you is a fair question, as they are the service often meant to support you in such a situation. When that department isn’t functioning well or letting you down, where to go next is a challenge. Many employees feel that rather than having their backs, the HR department is […]

How To Handle Gross Misconduct In The Workplace

Disciplinary meeting

Gross misconduct in the workplace or business environment is a negative behaviour that is so degrading, it can result in punishable outcomes like suspension and dismissal. Often seen as a breach of trust, code of conduct, rights and obligations between employer and employee, gross misconduct is a serious crime shunned in the workplace. It is […]

How To Improve Diversity In The Workplace

how to improve diversity in the workplace

Diversity is important in setting up a successful, inclusive and productive work environment. The presence of diverse perspectives leads to innovative ideas and a happy employee workspace that can significantly boost employee retention and output, therefore the overall success of a business. Here are some simple ways that you can improve diversity in the workplace: […]