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How To Handle Gross Misconduct In The Workplace

Disciplinary meeting

Gross misconduct in the workplace or business environment is a negative behaviour that is so degrading, it can result in punishable outcomes like suspension and dismissal. Often seen as a breach of trust, code of conduct, rights and obligations between employer and employee, gross misconduct is a serious crime shunned in the workplace. It is […]

How To Improve Diversity In The Workplace

how to improve diversity in the workplace

Diversity is important in setting up a successful, inclusive and productive work environment. The presence of diverse perspectives leads to innovative ideas and a happy employee workspace that can significantly boost employee retention and output, therefore the overall success of a business. Here are some simple ways that you can improve diversity in the workplace: […]

What Is The Minimum Wage For 17 Year Olds In The UK?

What Is The Minimum Wage For 17 Year Olds In The UK

The current minimum wage for 17 year olds in the United Kingdom stands at a rate of £4.81 per hour, but that figure is set to rise to £5.28 in April 2023. This applies whether they are part-time or full-time employees, regardless of their participation in the apprenticeship scheme. The National Minimum Wage applies to […]

How To Deal With Difficult Employees

How to Deal with Difficult Employees

For a company to succeed in delivering its goals, having focused, productive and amiable employees is essential. This means that knowing how to deal with difficult employees is a key skill for managers to have to help avoid unnecessary disruptions at work. In some cases, these are simple personality clashes which need managing, but in […]

What Can You Bring To The Company? – Key Interview Questions Answered

what can you bring to the company

“What can you bring to the company?” This is one of the most commonly asked questions in job interviews, but knowing how to answer it can be tricky. The answer relies on having and explaining knowledge about both yourself and the company. Being confident but not ‘cocky’ in what you can bring to the team […]

Understanding Payslips

what is on a payslip

Employers must provide their employees with payslips as a hardcopy or electronically every time they are paid according to UK law. The payslips will include all deductions made from the gross salary payment including tax, national insurance or pension contributions, alongside detailing your take-home salary. Read on for more information on what each section of […]

What Are The Benefits Of Positive Discrimination In The Workplace?

positive discrimination

Positive discrimination is when a person receives favourable treatment, usually because they are from an underrepresented group in society. In the workplace, this is common in the recruitment process for example, for companies to increase equality. This is still considered a form of discrimination which is illegal in UK law based on the Equality Act […]

The 12 Most Common Injuries In The Workplace

Injuries at workplace

As most people spend a lot of their time at work, it’s only natural that accidents and injuries will occur in the workplace. The Health and Safety Executive Statistics for 2020-2021 show that 441,000 injuries were recorded in UK workplaces – That’s a lot of people getting hurt doing their job!  These statistics show the […]

Compassionate Leave – Managing For Workplace Employees

managing compassionate leave

Compassionate Leave – Managing For Workplace Employees Within every organisation, employees have a legal right to time off in emergency situations relating to dependants. Most employers would allow reasonable compassionate leave to employees although the term itself can be open to interpretation. Guidelines set by the business will determine what this will consist of and […]

Tax on a Second Job

how does tax work with 2 jobs

Tax on a second job seems complicated but it shouldn’t be. In these difficult economic times, it is a reality that many people are working more than one job and may need to pay tax on both. Understanding how tax works when you have a second job may not seem an easy task but, it’s […]

How to Handle a ‘Will Smith’ Situation in the Workplace

Will Smith

For people managers and HR, the Will Smith situation underscores the importance of employees behaving appropriately at work events. Poor conduct could not only damage the employer’s reputation but also leave you with the hangover of a potential disciplinary situation to contend with.

What Is A CSCS Card And Who Is Required To Have One?

What Is A CSCS Card

A CSCS (construction skills certification scheme) card is a mandatory requirement for anyone working on a construction site in the UK. It offers proof that the person has the relevant training, qualifications and understanding of health and safety procedures to be in that role in the construction industry. There are different colours CSCS cards to […]