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Self Employed And Not Been Paid – What To Do

self-employed not getting paid for work i have done uk

If you’re self employed and haven’t been paid for work you have done, it can be incredibly frustrating. Self employed people are often at the mercy of those they work for – they rely on their goodwill and trust that they will be paid for their work, but sometimes people abuse that trust. When this […]

Your Guide To Break Entitlement For 4 Hour Shift UK

taking a break at work

The right to take a break at work is etched into UK law. It is a necessary part of the workday, ensuring that workers can reduce fatigue and regain lost focus. Ensuring a productive cycle within a workplace is paramount to its function, as is understanding working time regulations. This article will comb over the […]

What Is A Dormant Company?

What Is A Dormant Company?

A dormant company is a registered business that is no longer active but retains the legal status of a business. The term ‘active’ refers to carrying out accounting transactions or business operations but even without these activities, a dormant company files annual legal and administrative papers so that it can remain registered as a company. […]

Laws On Reselling Products UK

laws on reselling products UK

There is some confusion surrounding the term “reselling”. Whereas many would simply describe it as buying and selling items, it’s more specific than that. It’s buying items for a set price, and then selling them for a higher price. Resale or reselling has become a business for many, who have developed an understanding of the […]

Is It Illegal To Have Less Than 11 Hours Between Shifts UK

Is It Illegal To Have Less Than 11 Hours Between Shifts

Is it illegal to have less than 11 hours between shifts? In the UK the Working Time Regulations 1998 lay out the provisions that determine what workers are entitled to when it comes to taking a break at work. Rest goes beyond taking a break from work. It plays a role in our physical well […]

National Insurance Increase Reversal – What It Means for Businesses

national insurance increase

The controversial 1.25% planned increase to National Insurance Contributions (NICs) was reversed on November 6, 2022. The reversal applies to Class 1, Class 4, and secondary Class 1, 1A and 1B NICs and will result in a reduction of the main and additional rates of Class 1 employee NICs by 1.25 %, as well as […]

What To Do When A Customer Is Refusing To Pay For Work Done In The UK

What To Do When A Customer Is Refusing To Pay For Work Done In The UK

What To Do When A Customer Is Refusing To Pay For Work Done In The UK Whether you run a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), sole-proprietorship, partnership or you’re a freelancer, one unfortunate business situation that may come up is when a client refuses to pay for work that has been done. From a small […]

When Is An HMO Licence Required for A Rental Property?

HMO licences became a requirement during the legislation of the Housing Act of 2004. This regulation serves to protect people living in shared residences. Often, these shared housing lacked fire safety. Living conditions were also poor due to overcrowding and other factors. From 2006, landlords have to obtain applicable licences, particularly to comply with conditions […]