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Why Businesses Need To Focus On Fractional Execs To Supercharge Their Business

Business executive

By Rafael S.Lajeunesse, co-founder and CEO of ReachX Fractional executives have long held back-end administrative positions, but in the post-pandemic landscape, they are becoming more prevalent in the C-Suite. These professionals typically offer management services to organisations for hire, whether this be on a temporary or part-time basis. They typically fill executive roles such as […]

Qualities of a Good Team Leader

quality of a team leader

The qualities of a good team leader are instrumental to progressing and motivating the team they work with. Increasingly, there is interest in trying to break down the individual traits and what is required for the role in order to maximise success. In this article we break this down and consider 14 core qualities that […]

How To Be Taken Seriously As A Business Leader

How to be taken seriously as a business leader

Picture: Nick Fewings Some people can walk into a managerial or leadership position and automatically command the respect of their peers. No one questions their authority, and they can make positive changes without experiencing backlash from employees. However, not everyone has the same experience. Some business leaders find it challenging to be respected, and when […]

What Does CEO Stand For?

What Does CEO Stand For?

What does CEO stand for? CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer and it is the title of the highest-ranking executive officer within an organisation. Holding this position, CEOs are required to oversee all aspects of the business while representing the organisation’s interest amongst stakeholders both internally and externally. This means CEOs require a certain amount […]

Improving Your Workplace Presentation Skills

improving your workplace presentation skills

Do you have to give a presentation at work? Are you feeling a little nervous about it? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Improving your workplace presentation skills is a topic considered by many who feel anxious about having to present in front of a group, or even just those who want to make sure […]