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Can Automation Bring Digital Transformation To The Finance Sector?

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We’re living in an era where digital transformation appears to be rapidly evolving virtually every industry, and the rapid emergence of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and process automation may finally gain the opportunity to carry a lagging financial sector into the 21st Century.  Image Source: Quixy)   The world of finance holds significant potential […]

How The Digital Transformation Revolution Is Changing The Restaurant Industry

Restaurant fast food

Over the past five years, the net worth of the global food market has more than tripled and stands at an impressive $150 billion (approx. £118 billion). For restaurants seeking to embrace an ever-growing industry, digital transformation stands as a major market opportunity.  For some restaurant owners, the concept of digital transformation can seem like […]

Has Corporate Gone Green? 4 Cleantech Solutions Revolutionising The Business Landscape

Clean technology

With global emissions increasing at an alarming rate, more and more businesses are recognising that they must find ways to become ecologically friendly and turn to ecologically-friendly practices. As corporate business continues to go green, cleantech solutions are becoming vogue, allowing firms to access sustainable ways of doing business without harming the environment. Here, we […]

Putting Cyber Security First: Why the Latest Trends make this Critical for SMEs

With the ever-evolving and highly sophisticated cyber threat landscape, online security for SMBs is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. Hackers and other threat actors are becoming more savvy and inventing new ways to attack large and small businesses alike.  And IT professionals face an even greater challenge to keep ahead as we emerge […]

Increasing E-Commerce Sales with Website Analysis Insights

E-commerce is a high-growth, yet highly competitive space, and data analytics has changed the way companies interact with their customers. Consumers these days expect tailored experiences and will not hesitate to switch to alternative vendors if their needs aren’t met.